Jesse Jenks

Jesse Jenks was born in Dartmouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1734/5. He was involved in the settlement of Sackville New Brunswick during the late 1750's and 60's. He, along with other members of his family were acquiring land that he would eventually sell off.
Jesse and his brother Edmund were both involved in the New Brunswick venture when the settling lots in East Hoosick (now Adams Massachusetts) became available. In 1769, Jesse and his brother Edmund purchased three 100 acre lots which were lots two, three, and four in the west range of settling lots at East Hoosick. This transaction took place on July 26, 1769, and was not recorded in Berkshire County until August 23, 1773. It appears that Edmund was the first to settle on this property. Some of the subsequent early deeds of Jesse Jenks in Western Massachusetts were signed only by his brother Edmund.
It was written that sometime in Feb. 1790, Jesse Jenks arrived at his nephews house in Adams Massachusetts on horseback carrying as much gold and silver as a man could lift. The concealed gold and silver was in a bag of oats that he carried for his horse. He eventually settled opposite the glebe farm (First Baptist Church) on what is now called Stafford's Hill named for Col. Joab Stafford who fought in the American Revolution and who was also an early settler there.
Jesse's descendants thrived there clearing much of the farm land that is still open pasture and one of the most beautiful areas in Berkshire County. The site that he settled is marked by foundations and a large willow that feeds from the water of the farms well.
North and west of the farm site is the family graveyard that is still marked with many stones and was used until the 1850's when some of the graves were removed to the towns main cemetery on West Mountain Road where a virtual Jenks history can be viewed by simply walking through this large, to our rural standards, cemetery.

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Inventory of Jesse Jenks
Dated at Cheshire Massachusetts April 6, 1827
John Wells, Nathan Sayles, Alden Werden, Appraisers
James Mason Administrator

Real Estate
Home Farm situated in Cheshire containing 160 acres subject to a mortgage of $1200.00

The Adams Farm situate in Adams containing 127 acres, more or less.

Mill Lot containing 7 acres with the two mills and other appurtenances situate in Cheshire

54 acres of wild land situate in Savoy.

Personal Estate
1 Stags
9 Cows
1 2 Year old heifer
Breeding mare
1/2 3 year old mare
Gelding 4 years old
21 Sheep
7 Swine
5 tons of hay, by estimation
1/2 Small waggon
6 Bushels of corn, by estimation
30 Bushels potatoes, by estimation
20 Bushels barley

Stock on Adams farm
10 Cows
3 1/4 tons of hay, by estimation
Large steelyard
75 lbs. cart tyre
Cart body
69 lbs. old iron
170 lbs. old iron
2 Wedges drawshave and bolt
2 1/2 Dozen screws
Toll chest and dish
1 Frow
3 Mill pecks
22 3/4 lbs. of old iron
Small tub
Cheese hoop
Cider Hhd

Wearing Apparel
3 Coats
5 Pair pantaloons
1 Pair pantaloons
4 Vests
4 Shirt
6 Pair stockings
1 Hat
Silver buckle
Pair knee buckles
Large money purse

Old chest box
1 Churn
2 Cheese hoops
3 Mut barrels
1 Cider Hhd
1/2 Hhd
Dry Hhd
Pickle tub
Soap Trough
Small steelyards
5 Pail kettle
1 1/2 Pail kettle
1 Pot
2 Small kettles
Pair and irons
Bake kittle
Iron bason
Broken tea kettle
Grid iron
Brass kettle
18 Chains
Large wheel
Linen wheel
Cheese tub
Pair worsted combs
20 Old pails and tubs
Old pewter pan
Looking glass
Case drawers
Warming pan
Pair cotton cards
4 Towels
2 Table cloths
Remnants yarn
20 lbs. Geese feathers
6 Harnesses
3 Weavers reeds
2 Old bedsteads
15 lbs. Turkey feathers
4 Blankets
Bedstead and cord
1 Pillows & boulster & bed
1 Blanket
Bedstead and cord
Bed pillows and boulster
2 Sheets
2 Do
Suit curtains
6 Sheets
10 Pillow cases
3 Table linen
4 yrds Woolen cloth
7 Table silver spoons
6 Tea spoons
Set blue tin ware
19 lbs. Old pewter
19 Plates
7 Cups and saucers
Salt, sugar bowl
Tea pot
6 Foot glasses
5 Glasses
2 Decanters
22 Knives and forks
5 Milk pans
Brass skimmer
11 Tin dishes
Earthen jar
Pair flat irons

80 lbs. Newmilk cheese
Skim cheese
100 lbs. Salt pork
45 lbs. Bacon

Adams, April 30, 1828
To the Honorable Judge William Walker Esq. Judge of Probate of Wills for the County of Berkshire.

This is to certify that we the subscribers were present with Jesse Jenks late of Cheshire, deceased, 3 days previous to his decease he being in perfect mind did give to his son Allen Jenks, all his wearing apparel.
as witness;
Amy Field
Belinda Staples

Jesse Jenks' lawful heirs.
To the Honorable Judge William Walker Esq., Judge. April 3, 1827
On March 20, 1827, Jesse Jenks of Cheshire Massachusetts died seized and possessed of both real and personal estate. That he left a widow, Abigail Jenks, and the following children and lawful heirs.
Jacob Jenks of Ohio
Heirs of Stephen, deceased son of said Jesse, New York, Vermont, Ohio, and Indiana.
Jesse Jenks of Cheshire.
Huldah, wife of Nathaniel Mowrey of Adams.
Shubael Jenks of Ohio.
Laban Jenks of Michigan.
Elisha Jenks of New York.
Rachel Ross widow of Lanesborough.
Amy, wife of John Field, of Adams.
Mary, wife of Thomas Field, of Cheshire.
Cynthia, wife of Jabez Jenks, of Cheshire.
Belinda, wife of Welcome Staples, of Adams.
Allen Jenks of Cheshire.

And that the widow Abigail Jenks declines the trust of administration being myself a creditor. James Mason


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